The Music of The High Seas with Tricorn Shonkey!

"Yes me Hearties! If it's Piratical music you seek, then search no longer! TRICORN SHONKEY marks the spot!

Tricorn Shonkey are an experienced crew of musicians and actors based in the South West. Impressively costumed, they weave a musical tapestry of Pirates, smugglers, press-gangs, sea voyages, highwaymen and ne'er do wells! Shanties, jigs and reels are also given the Shonkey treatment; bringing a whole broadside of fun to sailors and land-lubbers' ears alike!

Ideal for Festivals, Historical properties/events,promotions, fetes, larp events, weddings and hangings, we can play acoustic sets or use our own PA system for noisier/larger venues. Contact us now for a friendly chat and a no-obligation quote.

We can provde a whole Piratical Package (ooer!) for themed events. Combining Tricorn Shonkey with Tyburn Jig Theatre, we can add music, fine storytelling and puppetry to enhance your event! Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Thomas Clinker: Ship's Surgeon
An adventurer, swaggerer, inventer of the 4-sided tricorn, penny ballardeer and quack doctor (he has administered to several crowned heads of Europe). Famous for his valiant attempts to 'cure' General Wolfe and Admiral Benbow of their terrible wounds, it is said his wit is far sharper than his surgeons tools. Sometime companion to that infamous Buccaneer -Capn Jeremiah Obedia; he is currently supplementing his surgeon's pay by telling tall tales and singing with Capn Rum Ddu and that mistress of the High C's; Lizzy Bolero.

Dave Oliver (Thomas Clinker) has been a professional storyteller,actor and puppeteer for over 12 years. He has performed in all manner of venues including many English Heritage sites.He was the puppeteer behind Jessie the sea-gull in the south west cult programme "Birthday People" He has amongst his ancesters, a coastguard, whalers and prison Hulk schoolteachers...which might account for his love of singing a good nautical song.

Cap'n Rum Dhu
A whimsical capering Capn of many talents-a fine navigator of dangerous gigs and rolling seas. Reknown for telling Blackbeard he needed to "grow up" and living to tell the tale.He was the first Englishman to sing harmonies to Mermaids laments, and is famous amongst the Brethren as deck croquet champion-even besting Bartholomew Roberts.A versatile musician of the finest order, it is said he can even get a tune out of a swivel gun!

Paul Whittall (Cap'n Rum Dhu) went to Chethams Music School as a lad and then spent ten years or so in the Manchester Music scene playing with such diverse outfits as Chris Sievey and the Freshies and even a brief rehearsal stint with the Smiths.

Specialising as a keyboard player he also plays fretted instruments, harp and bagpipes as well as a number of other winds. A stalwart of the south west folk scene playing with bands such as Porterhouse, Wishounds and for the last ten years of so ‘Goliards’ as well as gaining a degree in Music composition from Exeter University, (where he composed his first String Quartet and Oboe Concerto) he is well known for his diversity and eclecticism. Has just released his fifth solo album ‘Little Palaces’ on his own Stars End label as well as creating his show ‘Stroking Bees and Chasing Hares’ he has increasingly moved in the direction of spoken word, culminating in his radio play ‘Playing Cards and Paper Clips’ broadcast for the first time in 2011.

2012 is proving a busy year with the arrival of pirate band, Tricorn Shonkey’ as well as a number if other fledgling projects. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Lizzie Bolero
Lizzy Bolero left her parents stately home at the age of 15 armed only with a violin. Since then she has travelled up and down the high seas battling bandits, fighting fish and mugging mermaids. She has currently left her violent lifestyle to pitch in and earn an 'honest' living with the Cap'n and the Doc but may easily return to her roots, so keep your wits about you.

Elisabeth Bennet (Lizzie Bolero) is a Devon-based musician and actress. She was initially brought up on classical ensemble playing, having been a member of the various Devon County Youth Orchestras since the age of 10. At University - where she studied for a drama degree - she joined the ceilidh band Pigasus as well as playing in the pit for several musicals. She is also a member of Devon based folk band 'The Demagogues'.

Davy "Jones Locker" Oliver

Paul Whittal

Lizzie Bennet

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