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If ye booke him

he will


If you have a special theme or historical period that needs more specific tales, I am happy to research and perform new commissioned pieces.  There is an extra charge for research however, but I do try to keep costs reasonable - especially if I can re-use stories.
Previous commissioned shows include:

Tales of the King and Tudor Tall Tales
(with John Freeman for English Heritage)

Snake Tales

(for Exeter RAMM Museum)

Wild and Wooly Tales - Dartmoor Animals and Landscape

(for Tavistock Library)

Tales of  the Fianna

(with Jon Freeman for "Festival At The Edge" storytelling festival)

Axe Age, Sword Age! - Viking and Saxon stories

(with Clive Pig - Crediton Library)

Pirate School

(for National Maritime Museum, Falmouth)


Nearly all performances (except some school shows and workshops) are priced depending on the type / complexity / length / number of performers / amount of travel etc. However, as a rough guide, a one-man storytelling show lasting between one hour and one and a half hours would cost £170 (plus petrol costs).  For many outdoor events I will liaise beforehand with the organisers, to perform short shows several times over the day (adding up to around an hour to an hour and a half performance time).

Feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas and for a no-obligation quote for a show that will fit your needs.  I can work on my own but equally have access to a whole troop of talented performers and musicians. You might want a mix of walkabout characters, puppetry, storytelling, music or the whole lot!  I can usually arrange such a mix and match package and come up with a competitive quote.

Rattlebox Theatre

If you would like to download flyers and posters for your events please click here


Robin Hood puppet show (2 performers - 1 hour show) £400 plus travel costs

Robin Hood (2 performers - 3x30 minute performances) £440 plus travel costs

Pirate puppet show (2 performers - 45 min show) £390 plus travel costs

Pirate puppet show (2 performances) £440 plus travel expenses

Beowulf puppet show (2 performances) £360 plus travel expenses

Saxon tent hire £25 extra

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