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9” high Beowulf Puppet and props. Like many of my productions, the props and costume are often a collaboration of  various peoples talents; using traditional and state of the art skills. James Richardson hand carved this puppet’s beautiful head and hands from limewood. I built the body from plaztazote foam and  leather. The fine costume was made by Julie Burkin. The delightful  minute Thors hammer pendant and real metal sword was made by blacksmith Dan O’shea. The helmet  I mostly constructed from thin strips of foam and covered in latex paint. The shields were 3-D printed using Rob Jose’s excellent talents. I made the tiny leather belt. Recently the buckle in the photo was replaced with one made by an anonymous actual Anglo - Saxon craftsperson. It was a diminutive bronze buckle I got from a metal detectorist, which seemed very fitting for this show. It would be nice to imagine that the maker of that buckle had once heard the poem recited in a mead hall long ago…

Dragon head mounts - Rattlebox Theatre
Beowulf puppet - Rattlebox Theatre

Photo by Roy Smallpage

Beowulf horse - Rattlebox Theatre

Dragon! One of a pair of dragon head mounts I built for an Angelheart Theatre set prop. Made from Plaztazote foam and latex. Based on a Viking find. Approx 2" (60 cm) long

Norse Giants drinking horn - Rattlebox Theatre
Dave Oliver with Grythwas - Rattlebox Theatre

Horse puppet for Beowulf show. Carved from laminated plaztazote. This is before the latex paint (7 layers!) is applied, giving it a brown colour. I used an early Viking bronze artifact as my source for the design.

Norse Giants drinking horn (approx. 1 metre high) I made for an Angelheart Theatre production. It took some time putting all the knotwork patterns on!

Myself with ‘Grythwas’ - a goblin busking puppet that has shared many adventures with me over the years.

Photo by Karen Spicer

Photo by Karen Spicer

Paul Whittal – musician extraordinaire, who plays a live soundtrack for the Beowulf show using all manner of instruments as well as harp.

Pirate puppet show -Dave Oliver - Rattlebox Theatre

 A work in progress pic of 2 Norse giant head-masks I built for Angelheart Theatre’s “Freya - A Viking  Saga”

Norse Giant head-masks - Rattlebox Theatre

Various props and costumes for the Beowulf show. The human puppets are mostly around  9” tall (23 cm) so you can see how diminutive they are!

Paul Whittal playing harp - Rattlebox Theatre
James Richardson and Dave Oliver - Rattlebox Theatre

Setting up our pirate puppet show inside Castle Bayard in Dartmouth.

Sheilds for weapon and warfare workshop - Rattlebox Theatre

A line of my foam/latex shields propped against a fine viking longhall (for a Weapons and Warfare workshop held at the most Excellent Ancient Technology Centre)

Props and costumes for Beowulf puppet show - Rattlebox Theatre

James Richardson as “Old Nic” himself and I as his companion and sometimes Jungian advisor -“Mr Stokes”  From Angelheart Theatre- “Jack and the Devils purse”  based on an old Scottish travellers tale.

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