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Rattlebox Theatre facebook page

For latest news, pictures and work in progress  photos of puppets and props etc

“Jack and the devil’s purse”

An Angelheart Theatre  show for  adults. A blend of acting and puppetry tells a darkly humorous tale based on a  travellers  traditional  folktale.

Lisa Green

Lisa  is a very  talented textile artist who has made some beautiful bespoke puppet costumes (and felt animal puppets) for both Rattlebox Theatre and Angelheart Theatre

Quack Productions

A Devon based film/adverting and editing company who have made several of my trailers with efficiency and great flair!

Forge of Lein

This is another string to my bow-making larp weapons, theatre props and one-off unusual items for theatre and larp.

I have worked with James Richardson as part of his puppet theatre company since about 2013 (as a performer and sometimes co-devisor and prop maker)  He is an excellent puppeteer, prop maker and wood carver, creating many of the beautiful lime wood puppets in his productions.

AngelHeart Puppet Theatre

Tricorn Shonkey Pirate Band

For our pirate bands facebook page with news and gig dates etc 

Guy Cracknell Graphic Design

Guy and his talented team have built my new website and created a variety of excellent posters, graphic design work etc .

Steve Tyler and Katy Marchant.

I have worked from time to time with the talented Steve Tyler and Katy Marchant-Its always a joy to hear their medieval  and folk music

Ulrika Igraine

Urika Igraine is a singer who loves performing powerful folk songs of dark deeds.magical ancient forces and wyld creatures of the forest and mountain  I have had the pleasure of being involved in several of her performance projects and CDs.